Compare NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification to Rich Hessler NLP Solar Sales Certification

NABCEP PV Technical Sales Review 287 Item Content Outline


As I compare NLP PV Solar Sales Training to NABCEP, PV Technical Sales Training, a clear difference emerges for our employers.

NLP PV Solar Training for Sales has the top 10 solar learning objectives to prepare for a 40 minute sales call.

In contrast, NABCEP PV Technical Sales Training has 287 bulleted NABCEP learning objectives to prepare for a 2-hour Proctored Exam

You may be aware a solar salesperson’s role is to get a commitment from the buyer before work is done on a solar project, get the next deal, and stay behind the yellow line “for insurance reasons” so the team can do their job.

Slapping the word Sales in NABCEP PV Technical Sales Training creates a resource hiring issue due to the distinction between PV Sales Training and PV Technical Training for Sales.  The distinction could mean the difference between a well paying solar sales job and unemployed.

Much like an Auto Dealership Team, Solar Websites demonstrate Contractors make a distinction when hiring for Solar Jobs understanding the role of Sales, Solar Financing, Engineering, Installation & Service.

The insured, licensed contractor may, or may not, have NABCEP PV Installer Certification and is legally responsible for ladder climbing, system engineering, workmanship, warranties, Solar Marketing, Solar for Quickbooks, PV Monitoring, Smart Electrical Panels.

NLP PV Solar Sales Training prepares salespeople for next week’s sales calls.  The training includes terminology, local estimating, standard solar sales process, customizable Excel field estimator and PowerPoint presentation to help get a contract.  See a Free Solar Webinar to learn why people buy solar.

Solar Recruitment and Solar Contractors hiring salespeople, compare Solar Training Schools: NLP PV Solar Sales Training & NABCEP PV Technical Sales Training VIEW REPORT

Solar Contractor Survey

1. If you were to counsel a Veteran, VA Careers or VA Jobs Gov, on how to quickly start a civilian solar sales career, or if you were helping an under-performing salesperson, what solar sales skills would you steer them towards first?  Who would you hire and trust with your Solar Leads first?

A. A Salesperson who can demonstrate the benefits of solar, under-promise & shift the buyers perspective, documenting a commitment to buy before you begin work, giving you more time to over-deliver quality services that generate referrals from paying customers.  NLP PV Solar Sales Training

B.  A Salesperson who can apply local zoning requirements, ladder safety, state Ohms Law and the technical detail of solar project management.  NABCEP PV Technical Sales Training

2. In nine words or less, what is the most important quality to you when hiring a solar salesperson?



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