Compare NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification to Rich Hessler NLP Solar Sales Certification

NLP Solar Sales Training for Salespeople


Compare NLP PV Solar Sales Training Job Task Analysis to NABCEP, PV Technical Sales Job Task Analysis a clear difference emerges for our employers.

NLP PV Solar Training for Sales has the top 10 solar learning objectives to prepare for a 40 minute sales call.

In contrast, the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Job Task Analysis has 287 bulleted list that is the foundation for a Proctored Exam.

While the NABCEP PV Technical Sales Program is brand new & voluntary, the distinction could mean the difference between a deal, well paying solar sales job or being unemployed.

You may be aware a solar salesperson’s role is to get a commitment from the buyer before work is done on a solar project, get the next deal, and stay behind the yellow line “for insurance reasons” so the team can do their job.

Much like an Auto Dealership Team, a Solar Business Plan includes Solar Websites Contractors use to hire resources for Solar Jobs and show the distinction between the role of Sales, Solar Financing, Engineering, Installation & Service.

The insured, licensed contractor may, or may not, have NABCEP PV Installer Certification and is legally responsible for ladder climbing, system engineering, workmanship, warranties, Solar Marketing, Solar for Quickbooks, PV Monitoring, Smart Electrical Panels.

NLP PV Solar Sales Training prepares salespeople for next week’s sales calls.  The training includes terminology, local estimating, standard solar sales process, customizable Excel field estimator and PowerPoint presentation to help get a contract. 

NLP Solar Sales Training Content Outline

  1. Discover the 18 questions you must ask before presenting solar
  2. Quickly create solar estimates
  3. Confidently explain the math behind the financial benefits of solar
  4. Give a killer solar sales presentation
  5. Uncover the top 5 reasons homeowners buy solar
  6. Samurai objection handling techniques
  7. 21 solar technical terms to learn
  8. Solar sales kit check list
  9. Calculations provided in Excel
  10. Customizable PowerPoint presentation

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Learn how to sell solar, "bring them in off the lot" and get the deal. A team needs you!

NLP Solar Sales Training for Grid-Tied Systems
Typical NABCEP PV Technical Sales Program
Training Logistics
Target Market
Business Owners & Salespeople
Training Schools
Money-back guarantee after 4 hours of training
Training Philosophy
Live: Webinar
Live: Hotel, Trans, Meals
NABCEP Annual Fee
Proctoring fee
Required to legally sell solar systems
Training includes role-playing the entire solar sales meeting process
Customizable Excel Solar Calculator for field estimates
Customizable Solar PowerPoint Presentation for demos
Ongoing coaching
Add-On Services    
Solar Business Development Coaching
Solar Business Management Metric Reporting Tools
Websites with Integrated Sales Systems

NABCEP PV Technical Sales Job Task List
Source for NABCEP PV Technical Sales Job Task List

A: Qualify the Customer
5. Identify jurisdictional issues
• Determine zoning
Contractor Role
• Determine fire marshal awareness
Contractor Role
• Determine reservation issues
Contractor Role
• Check city county and utility requirements
Contractor Role
• Identify utility
• Identify homeowner association

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