Delaware Photovoltaic Solar Installation

Delaware Photovoltaic Solar Installation


Homeowners in Delaware may have to wait for their rebates for installing photovoltaic systems. Like many photovoltaic solar installation rebate programs, the Delaware photovoltaic solar installation rebate program ran out of money. As of May 1, 2009, there is a backlog of 1.5 million dollars for installed photovoltaic solar systems.

Part of the problem comes from Delaware's plan to increase the implementation of solar. It offers a financial incentive to install solar and allowed Delmarva Power, the major electrical utility of Delaware, to change it rates (which increased 59%). This money was used to aid homeowners implement photovoltaic solar systems.

Before this year, the state was collecting more than it was giving out. The change came at the beginning of the year with the removal of the $2000 cap on federal tax rebates on a solar system. This allowed homeowners to receive as much as a 50% rebate on a photovoltaic solar system installation.

As the program started to go backrupt, the rebate on a photovoltaic solar system installation was decreased because the federal rebate worked so well. This brought the number of new applicants back under control, but there is still a long list of homeowners waiting to receive their Delaware solar rebate.

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