Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Program Guidelines

Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Program Guidelines for Residential and Small Business

pennsylvania sunshine solar program On January 1, 2009, photovoltaic solar panel system installers received a break when Congress removed the $2,000 cap on the 30% solar rebate on approved photovoltaic solar panel systems.  Overnight, the solar rebate made photovoltaic solar panel systems a financially competitive investment by reducing the payback period of a solar panel system and increasing the return on investment (ROI) to 8-15%.

Following the United States federal government's lead, many states and local utility companies added additional solar rebates. Pennsylvania released the Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Program in May of 2009. The Pennsylvania Sunshine
Solar Program offers $100 million in solar rebates to small businesses and homeowners installing a photovoltaic solar panel system between 1 and 10 kW. It costs $100 to apply for the solar rebate, requires a minimum $250 solar system deposit, and the photovoltaic solar panel system must be operational within 12 months. Homeowners and business owners must apply for the Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Program solar rebate before purchasing a solar system because the solar rebate does not apply to previous costs.

The following restrictions also apply to the Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Program:

Pennsylvania must be primary residence
Solar system equipment must be on California Solar Initiative list
Solar system shade analysis must show that a photovoltaic solar panel system produces at least 80% annual output of a system with optimal placement.
Installer must be NABCEP certified
Installer must have installed at least 3 prior solar panel systems
Installer submits Pre-Approval Application to (
Solar rebate is a maximum 35% of the total system cost

Once the photovoltaic solar panel system is generating electricity, the homeowner or small business owner will begin receiving credits for any unused electricity. The unused electricity is sold on the grid. Net-metering keeps track of the amount of excess electricity produced by the photovoltaic solar panel system and the owner receives compensation at the end of the month for excess electricity produced.

Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Program only has $100 million in solar rebates. Once the funds run out, who can say when more will become available.

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