Solar Panel Prices Set to Hurt Small Businesses

Solar Panel Prices Set to Hurt Small Players

photovoltaic solar panel According to a report by Green Sheet, solar panel manufactures have not slowed down production to meet the decreased demand for solar panels. This is creating a large supply of solar panels, much like what happened with the auto industry. To compensate, the price of solar panels should fall.

This year, demand for solar panels has fallen 17%, but due to the last few years of incredible growth, many companies have increases production capacity. As a result, solar panel production has increased over 50% and profits (along with solar stock prices) have fallen.

Where does this leave the photovoltaic solar panel industry? They will adjust supply to meet demand and increase their profit margins. All of the investment into increasing production of solar panels will not go to waste, there will be another boom.

  As soon as the economy turns around and energy prices increase, photovoltaic solar panels will become much more attractive. The small players will again emerge to compete with the large, established solar organizations. With the desire of nations to be less energy-dependent, homeowners tired of being ripped off for electricity, and the need for a healthier, greener planet; photovoltaic has the desire to grow (24/7 Wall Street). All that the world is waiting for is for photovoltaic to make an easy, effortless transition into our everyday lives.
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