Photovoltaic Solar System Cost

Average Photovoltaic Solar System Cost


According to and, the average cost of a photovoltaic solar system depends on its size. A 5 kW photovoltaic solar system costs approximately $35,000 and an 8 kW photovoltiac solar system costs approximately $72,000.

This is the price of a raw photovoltaic solar system. Currenty, the government is offering solar rebates, which can eliminate up to 50% of the cost of a photovoltaic solar system. The price of a photovoltiac solar system also depends on whether or not one install his/her own photovoltaic solar system. The average cost is $9/watt if one uses a quality contractor and $7 if one self-installs a photovoltaic solar system using a solar installation kit.
Average Photovoltaic Solar System Cost

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