Photovoltaic Solar Panel System Vandalism and Theft

Solar System Vandalsim


With a rising rate of solar installations, it is only a matter of time before vandalism and theft of photovoltaic solar panel systems occurs. In fact, many homeowners will not install solar systems because they are targets for vandalism. Vandalism and theft can be a major problem since photovoltaic solar panels can cost thousands of dollars.

Protecting the solar system without inhibiting performance will be an extremely important investment. One way to protect a photovoltaic solar panel system from vandalism is to purchase a protective shield. The solar panel shield protects the panels from impact while allowing light through. It is made out of impact-resistant acrylic and also offers weather protection.

Another idea is to install motino detection lights. This could deter attackers at night out of fear of being seen. Compared to the solar system, this is a relatively inexpensive investment.

Another problem is photovoltaic solar system theft. The photovoltaic solar panels are expensive and extremely easy to steal because they are on the exterior of the home. All one needs to steal a photovoltaic solar system is a ladder and screw driver. One new area will be locking mechanisms. They connect the photovoltaic solar panel system to the roof and make them much more difficult to remove.

Due to the high cost of a photovoltaic solar panel system, protecting your investment from theft and damage in imperative. Be sure to protect your photovoltaic solar panel system with quality protection.

Solar System Vandalism

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