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At Rich Hessler Solar, we are committed to solar sales training and development. Solar sales development is more intensive and hands-on than solar sales training. Sales training is a one-time inspirational event that teaches a solar salesforce how to sell effectively. Sales development is implementation of sustained, long-term development.

We have processes that overcome each of the goals outlined in Solar Sales Development verse Solar Sales Training.

  1. Lack of focus on the critical solar knowledge and skill sets solar sales professions must master.
    • At Rich Hessler Solar, we focus on teaching the knowledge necessary to sell a solar system. You learn the equivalent of what a car salesman knows about a car. We also go through current sales techniques, equipping solar professionals with the skill set they need to effectively sell solar.

  2. No measure of solar sales metrics.
    • Throughout the course, we teach various ways to measure performance. We teach from personal experience. We have various tracking measures in place to keep us on top of sales performance.

  3. Expecting immediate results instead of improvement over time.
    • Changes in behavior do not occur instantly. It takes time and consistent follow-up for changes to be implemented. This is why we have included solar coaching. This allows Rich Hessler to followup with graduates and make certain that the skills taught in the training are implemented.

  4. Lack of connectiveness between solar sales trainer and sales professionals.
    • At Rich Hessler Solar, we sell a variety of solar products and services to increase the profitability of solar small businesses. We actively sell these services to keep our own business moving forward.

  5. Lectures instead of application.
    • We do teach solar sales professionals how the photovoltaic systems work, calculating a system size based on the homeowners energy bill and budget, and sales techniques. We follow each section with tests, practice problems, and role playing so each students has time to apply the knowledge during the course.

  6. No accountability after the initial training so assure sales team are implementing changes.
    • We include follow-up coaching to make certain that changes are being implemented. Also, throughout the course, we offer advice on how to remain accountable to the solar sales training/development. We want the training to be as effective for each student as possible, and a major step is follow-up and accountability, two aspects we push our students to obtain.

At Rich Hessler Solar, we are committed to sales training and development. We want to train an army of solar salesmen to physically change the face of the United States through solar installations.

Rich Hessler Solar - Sales Development

Rich Hessler
Learn how to sell solar panels.

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