House of Future - Uses no Energy

House that Uses No Energy


Eventually, the world will become carbon neutral again. Some of the changes that need to happen are self-productive homes, or homes that generate their own electricity for appliances, transportation, and personal use.

Currently, homes use energy generated mostly from fossil fuels, nuclear reactions, and an increasing amount of renewables. Homes of the future might look the Florida State University green house which has no connection to the electricity grid. The home uses excess electricity generated during the day to split water into oxygen and hydrogen.

Oxygen and hydrogen is used at night (or during periods of high usage) to generate electricity. The $575,000 experiment house is in the middle of Florida State's campus. The house is unique in combining old tricks for home heating/cooling with the lastest energy saving technology.

In addition, Florida State University is working on creating appliances that burn hydrogen and oxygen for cooking and indoor heating since it is more efficient that generating heat through electricity.

Hydrogen offer a low-cost potential alternative to batteries since it can be produced from water, the problem is producing hydrogen. Right now, expensive platinum is required for the conversion of water to hydrogen. FSU is looking into alternative, cheaper metals.

Homes of the future are going to be sell-reliant. It is only a matter of finding and implementing cost-effective technology to promote self-reliance.

Rich Hessler

House that Uses No Energy

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