Solar Sales Articles - September

Solar Sales Articles - September

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In addition to current events, we are writing articles to fill in the gaps and summarize the vast amount of solar information.

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Home of the Future - Off the Electricity Grid

The house of the future will consume no electricity, all electricity is generated at home.

Houston Solar Tour

Houston is one of the many cities hosting tours of public and private solar-electricity generation facilities. Some of the Houston stops include George R. Brown Convention Center, Girls Scouts Headquarters, Enforcement Building, Green Bank, animal farm, Bellaire, West University, The Woodlands, and Spring.

PSEG Installing 30 MW of Solar

Public Service Enterprise Group has three upcoming solar installations that will produce 30 Megawatts (MW) of electricity. The projects are located in New Jersey, Ohio, and Florida. PSEG will use approximately 380,000 First Solar Inc's thin-film photovoltaic solar panels for all installations. The total cost of the project is $100 million USD. <read more>

Florida Solar Market

Florida should be one of the hottest states for solar, especially thanks to current rebates. The program, SB 888, was established in June 2006 to prompt solar system installations. The program is set to expire in 2010.

Stores Deploying Solar

Thanks to the rebates offered by the federal and state government, solar is taking off in the United Steates. Store owners, such as Segner, the owner of Rann Pharmacy, is following up on his promise to go "green" by installing a photovoltaic solar system on his business' roof.

Beginning a Green Career in Solar Sales

Many Americans, with the loss of their jobs during the recession, are discovering that they are still in the process of discovering what they want to be. Many have pursued degrees and held successful positions for years. They have the skill sets and experience, but the jobs have disappeared.

How many solar panels would it take to power the world?

The world current consumes 500 quadrillion Btu of energy from all available forms of energy. This number will increase to at least 678 quadrillion Btu over the next 20 years. Since we will not have this scale of energy available in fossil fuels forever, and renewables are the obvious replacement, it is interesting to begin to image what the surface of the earth will look like.

San Jose City Facilities Deploy Solar

San Jose has deployed photovoltaic solar systems on six city buildings. The $500,000 solar development project installed solar systems on the Alviso Library, Washington Youth Center, Garden Community Center, Alum Rock Community Center and 2 fire stations.

Tennessee to Use Federal Stimulus for Solar Projects

Tennessee is moving forward with using $62 million of federal stimulus money to fund solar projects. These projects include a solar generation plant and a solar research lab at the University of Tennessee. This will help Tennessee to push solar development through marketing for renewable energy.

Federal Government's Continuing Support of Solar

Energy Secretary Steven Chu expressed the federal governments support of renewable energy. As a Nobel Prize winning scientist, Chu strongly supports the deployment of renewable energy, which is great for the solar industry. <read more>

Reducing the Price of Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Over the past year, many researchers have claimed to be able to reduce the price of photovoltaic solar panels significantly. This is coming from every company's quest to produce a cheaper alternative to today's expensive photovoltaic solar systems. Although these solar panels are not produced on a large scale, they will be massed produced within the next decade.

Solar Panel Integration

Researchers have developed solar panels that are "soft as cloth". This new generation of solar panels are soft and flexible, so they can easily integrate into tents, backpacks, and clothing. The solar panels are made out of plastic sheet 0.4 mm thick. Although these solar panels are only 4% efficient, it is a great source of energy while on the road.

California Solar Project

In 2007, Calfornia started a solar project to push the state green through 3 gigawatts of photovoltaic solar installations by 2017. Last year (2008), the solar capacity of California more than doubled. 156 mW were added (compared to 81 mW in 2007). Even with the economy, it is projected that over 150 mW of solar systems will be added this year. <read more>

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