United States Moving to Personal Electricity Production through Photovoltaic Solar Systems

United States Moving to Personal Electricity Production through Photovoltaic Solar Systems

Accoding to an internation solar energy expert, the world is moving towards personal electricity production. The new discoveries, many of which focus on renewable solar energy production, will shift electricity generation away from central plants to homes and communities.

Daniel Nocera describes the long-awaited cheap production of solar electricity and storage to power homes and transportation such as electric vehicles. These new methods will eliminate the loss of electricity through transportation (powerlines are inefficient and lose as much as 50% of the electricity they carry), reducing our demand for electricity and hence fossil fuels. In addition, this will help our environment through reduced CO2 emissions.

Nocera also claims that global electricity demand will continue to increase. It is expected to triple by 2100. This is thanks to the increasing standards and population of the world. To keep up with demand, we will begin to see the deployment of photovoltaic - especially in third world countries. Through energy production and storage at home, no intrastructure is required to deliver electricity, vastly reducing its cost.

Scientists have found the best way to store energy - use excess electricity generated from photovoltaics during the day to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. At night, combust the hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity.

Through photovoltaics, wind, and electricity storage in water, we can supply the energy the world demands in a clean, sustainable manner.
Personal Electricity Production through Photovoltaic Solar Systems

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