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Benefits of PV Solar Group Pricing

  photovoltaic solar panels The principal of buying in bulk is also holding true with neighborhood pv solar installations. If you can get a good deal on a single photovoltaic solar system installation, imagine the deal you can get with 20 or 100.  Groups are banding together all across the United States to take advantage of group discounts on photovoltaic solar panel installations.

Each homeowner can take advantage of a 30% federal tax credit on the total cost of their solar system plus, any state, local and municipal service rebates. A group could use that funding as a collateral base for a loan for the whole neighborhood project at a much better rate thus reducing the cost even further to each owner. This would mean a better return on investment and a shorter payback period.

Another thought, if you have a couple of vacant lots, is to create a neighborhood solar farm to service all the homes in a development. This would fall under a different commercial classification and could be even more profitable than individual home installationsand keep roofs free of pv solar systems. Another advantage of this system is azimuth, declination, shading and position of the panels.  Not all of the homes will have a south facing roof or the proper pitch, or the placement of that nice shade tree to take full advantage of the sun.


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