U.S. Solar Incentives to Invest in Solar Power: There Are No Birds In Beijing

U.S. Solar Incentives to Invest in Solar Power:
There Are No Birds In Beijing

  Birds in Beijing Coal miners used to take a canary with them to test mine air quality, the canary was the first to depart leaving the miners enough time to escape the toxic air environment. A returning traveler from Beijing commented she saw no birds during her recent trip.  As the Chinese power up their economy using our outdated technology & methods for electricity generation; poor air quality & pollution will continue to increase.  After a volatile year for the U.S. economy, can we power up the U.S. economy differently this time, set an example for other countries and make the environment better for future generations?


As part of the economic stimulus, new solar incentives are now available to encourage us to invest $10,000 or more in our personal long-term energy plan if our electric bill averages more than $120/month.  The federal, state, local and/or utility financial incentives provide for approximately 50% of the cost of residential PV solar systems.  Citizens investing in America and our transition away from fossil fuels will receive the equivalent of an 8%-15% return on their residential solar investment

How does the return on investment from solar energy compare to your current investment performance?  According to Rich Hessler, Principal,, “We want to help homeowners understand the recent paradigm shift and changes being enacted across the country to support transitioning to clean energy.”  The solar sales training webinar discusses the short-term stimulus being provided to residential PV solar buyers, compares solar electricity to other investment options and highlights a quality solar installation contractor sales process.

“Residential PV solar grid-tied systems provide a consistent, predictable monthly annuity payment from the sun as reflected in your lower monthly utility bill,” says Hessler.  David Ryan, co-author Better Than Retirement: Redefine Your Relationship With Work, says, “We all know it is important to save and invest today in order to be able to pay for our known expenses in the future in case we are no longer able to work.  We can now lock-in and protect ourselves against rising electricity rates for a lifetime.”

“One of the continuous monthly expenses we all incur is the cost of electricity,” says Ryan.  “Each year you may have noticed utility rates rising 5%-30%.  With only a 7% annual increase in electricity rates, a $200/month electric bill will be $551/month in 15 years!  Reducing our monthly expenses $159/month supports long-term personal independence and reduces the need to sell our lives for wages.” 

According to Seth Wiggins, Vice President of Sol NV, a Nevada based company that analyzes residential energy usage, “Everything changed for residential PV solar on January 1, 2009 when the 30% Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit was changed from a $2,000 limit to unlimited.  Many homeowners don’t understand the short-term incentives and what they can do for their long-term investment performance.”  Wiggins, who recently attended one of Rich Hessler’s solar webinars, explains, “Educating yourself is the best way to make a smart investment and hire a quality licensed solar contractor.”

As we power up the U.S. economy, the new financial incentives eliminate many previous homeowner concerns regarding a residential PV solar home improvement project, like:

  • The payback for solar is too long
  • There are better investments than solar
  • The cost of solar technology will come down
  • Utility rates will go down
  • A kitchen remodel will provide more home value
  • Let someone else do it

Rich Hessler, Principal, says, “The belief solar has a long payback period has to be dealt with.”  The average payback period for a residential grid-tie solar system is shorter than the average payback period for a CD, real estate investment, stock, bond or kitchen remodel.  It doesn’t pay to wait, the solar incentives are either allotted, first come first served, or expire at a definite date.” 

For many home buyers, property without efficiency improvements and clean energy upgrades are viewed as green rehabs when they are comparing homes.  According to the Appraisers Association of America, home values are increased 20 times the first year utility bill savings from a PV solar system and the home value increase is exempt from property taxes in most areas.  Realtors are educating buyers to compare the total cost of ownership of a green home versus one that is outdated when determining their offering price. 

While the birds of Beijing may have departed the city environment due to air quality, Uncle Sam is encouraging us to kill two birds with one stone.  As consumers, we can be aware of our options and choose clean energy sources.  As savers and investors, we can invest in our personal long-term energy using residential PV solar energy at discounted rates by maximizing the financial incentives made available to us.  In conclusion, now is an excellent time to decide if we will leave a legacy of powering up a clean economy or leave the inevitability of a green rehabilitation to our children.   

For sales professionals interested in learning more about helping homeowners transition to clean solar power, visit  For small business marketing consulting, visit  For homeowners interested in a more independent lifestyle, visit

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