Photovoltaic Solar Questions

Photovoltaic Solar Questions


1.  How many 100 watt light bulbs can an average solar panel light in full sun?

The average solar panel produces between 150-200 watts, enough to power approximately two 100 watt light bulbs.

2.  Which Democratic President was the first to install solar on the White House?
        Jimmy Carter

        Jimmy Carter installed thermal solar on the White House in 1979.

3.  Which Republican President removed solar from the White House?
        Ronald Reagan

        Ronald Reagan had Jimmy Carter’s solar system removed from the White House in 1986.

4.  PV Solar cells are primarily made from what material?

The basic material used to make solar cells is sand.  It under goes a process of crystallization and doping that allows electrons absorbed from the sun to be passed to an inverter where DC current is converted to AC current for the home.

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