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Rich Hessler
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Rich Hessler

Rich Hessler


U.S. Outlook for Solar Sales

Can you feel the buzz about the deployment of solar and renewable energy in the USA? 

It reminds me of how this country was inspired in the 60’s by President Kennedy’s call to put a man on the moon.

According to The Global Solar Report Card by Green Cross, the USA is behind Germany and Japan in the deployment of solar.  Will we act now to build a competitive renewable energy market in order to avoid the fate of our auto industry?

Solar Deployment Scores

National Solar Score

The ranking is based on a 100-point system that allocates a maximum of 30 points to the amount of solar installed so far, and the remaining 70 points to drivers for future growth (56 points for financial incentives, 12 points for regulatory incentives and 2 points for educational and advocacy efforts).

As the chart above highlights, the United States has a huge opportunity to deploy solar energy resources.  We need more solar competent salespeople meeting with home and business owners to provide education about the benefits of solar.

As a retired CPA, understanding the financial math is important to me.  Solar energy offers an incredible return on investment (7%-30%) with virtually no risk and no volatility...
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Residential Solar Sales Training

  • Uncover top 5 reasons homeowners buy solar
  • Only 21 solar technical terms to learn
  • Be prepared with a complete solar sales kit
  • Discover the questions you need to ask before you present solar
  • Learn how to do solar estimates in 5 minutes
  • Confidently explain the solar estimate and cost justification
  • Learn to give a killer solar sales presentation
  • Be prepared to handle common objections from solar buyers
  • Learn alternative one-call-close techniques for solar

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