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Rich Hessler
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Coal vs. Solar

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Rich Hessler

Rich Hessler

     Coal Versus Solar Power

Where do you hide 130 million tons/year of coal ash created from U.S. power generation that is laden with arsenic, lead, mercury, selenium, cadmium?

A: A public golf course
B: Carpeting for schools
C: Fertilizer for food production
D: All of the above

Is there a coal ash site hidden in your backyard? <read more>

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Residential Solar Sales Training
  • Understanding Photovoltaic
    • Photovoltaic Solar System
      • How solar panels create electricity
      • Solar system components

  • System Sizing
    • Site surveys without a ladder
    • Accurate, customized solar system estimate
    • Justifying the cost of a solar system
    • Understanding the rebates and incentives

  • Sales kit components
    • Includes customizable PowerPoint Presentation and Excel calculator

  • Making the sale
    • Needs analysis and building rapport
      • Identify the needs of each client
      • Customizing a close based on needs
    • Solar presentation
    • Handling solar objections
    • Closing a solar sale
    • Role-playing

  • Emerging in the solar industry
    • Differentiating yourself
    • Finding a solar sales job
    • Starting a solar business
    • Learn necessary components of a successful solar business

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