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Rich Hessler
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Rich Hessler

Rich Hessler


Road Trip to Solar Sonoma County

To sum up the Solar Sonoma County Fair, great people, great
information and great opportunities for anyone interested in going solar!

Our special thanks goes to BooBoo the Cockatoo & John Lloyd, Membership Development Representative, IBEW Local 551 for reaching out last minute to invite us to join the solar party in Sonoma county.


Rich Hessler and John
Rich Hessler and John Lloyd


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CFL vs Incandescent Light Bulb, are there Environmental Benefits?

Celia created a buzz in the booths regarding the CFL light bulb giveaways on Saturday.  Her concern was the mercury content of CFLs and their total life cycle environmental impact compared to incandescent light bulbs.  With the assistance of Google & Ben Kenney, it appears we found a well-researched answer.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs – A Tale From Dust to Dust

Ever since I tore apart my old CFL bulb to find the microchip inside, I have been unconvinced that these bulbs provided any energy savings at all. Now I know that they... <read more>

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Homeowner Solar Education
  • Uncover the top 5 reasons to purchase solar
  • How to avoid disaster and choose a quality solar contractor
  • Discover the questions you need to ask before you buy solar
  • Learn how to read your electric bills
  • Understand your solar payback period
  • Ask your questions & get answers without sales pressure
  • On site estimates by prescreened quality solar contractors

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Lead Generation for Quality Solar Contractors
To learn more about our solar lead generation program, please click here

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Residential Solar Sales Training

  • Uncover top 5 reasons homeowners buy solar
  • Only 21 solar technical terms to learn
  • Be prepared with a complete solar sales kit
  • Discover the questions you need to ask before you present solar
  • Learn how to do solar estimates in 5 minutes
  • Confidently explain the solar estimate and cost justification
  • Learn to give a killer solar sales presentation
  • Be prepared to handle common objections from solar buyers
  • Learn alternative one-call-close techniques for solar

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