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Rich Hessler Solar Course

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Rich Hessler Solar Sales Training provides complete residential sales training course for a solar sales process. The sales training includes:
Understanding Photovoltaic Systems
Solar system estimate
Cost justification
Quality Solar Presentation
Handling Objections
Effectively closing a solar sale
Beginning a solar career
Complete Course Outline

Solar Business Development

All the benefits of a solar franchise with no initial investment.

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If you are looking for solar work and solar jobs, we help graduates with executive and business development coaching, job searches, interviewing and solar lead generation.

After graduating from the course, you will be prepared to do a quality in-home photovoltaic solar sales presentation.

$24,000 Cash for Caulkers Program

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Define Cash for Caulkers Program: Retrofitting American homes for energy efficiency


Many Americans want to save money on their energy bills.  There are many ways to do so.
The White House is writing a proposal for an energy efficiency program previously known as Homestar nicknamed “Cash for Caulkers”.  The Cash for Caulkers program name is obviously derived from the popular “Cash for Clunkers” program.

Cash for Caulkers provides two types of incentives for homeowners.

“Silver Star Incentive” is the first type of Cash for Caulkers incentive.  The Silver Star Rebate helps with the purchase of energy efficiency products and services.  Silver Star Incentives are for retrofitting energy efficient appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators, as well as, insulation, windows, and roof installation. 

“Gold Star Incentive” is the second type of Cash for Caulkers incentive.  The Gold Star Rebate rewards homeowners that reduce their home’s energy usage by 20% to qualify for up to $3,500 in rebates.  For every 5% in home energy reduction in excess of 20% earns another $1,500 in Cash for Caulkers rebates. 

The Cash for Caulkers program provides up to 50% of the total cost of energy efficient products and services.  Every homeowner is eligible for up to $12,000 each with no income restrictions.  A jointly owned residence may be eligible for $24,000 in energy efficiency rebates. 

The “Cash for Caulkers” program is expected to be funded with $10 billion. 

Rich Hessler, Principal

Solar Training – New Career Techniques

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Solar Training – New Career Techniques

Studying and understanding the latest renewable technology, including photovoltaics, is integral with Green Building. According to the Department of Labor, the green industry will create 5 million jobs to support the expanse of renewable electricity generation. Many universities have green programs where students can learn about green technology and their applications to our lives. Since the programs are new, many universities are offering the courses off-site so students can see green ideas implemented into new construction.

With money-saving materials and products, it’s no wonder that new construction is investing in green. By incorporating renewable energy and energy efficiency into building, investors and property owners can save thousands.

One of the major player are photovoltaic solar panels. Solar panels can provide anywhere from 50-100% electricity generation for the property, drastically reducing the cost of utilities. Due to this, many schools and organizations are providing courses for solar installation, solar design, and solar sales training. These course use the latest teaching techniques including convenient webinars. Courses are still offered in traditional school buildings, but an increasing number are held online.

Solar education is also starting with younger children. Schools are being encouraged to implement renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades. If a school installs photovoltaic solar panels to provide for some of its electricity, it can use the panels as a physical example of green building to the youth. It also encourages the youth to pursue green careers.

Currently, the issue is educating the general population about renewable energy. Right now is the ideal time for education. With the economy down and a large unemployed population, we have time to dedicate to educating ourselves. One of the brightest fields to gain an education is photovoltaics. The options include solar installation training (to install solar systems), pv solar design (to design systems), and solar sales training (you have to sell the system before you can install it).

Why not take advantage of the recession to put yourself ahead with a solar education?

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