Florida Attempting to Save Solar Rebate Program

Florida Attempting to Save Solar Rebate Program

The recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has awakened America to re-examine renewable energy. One state, Florida, has a solar rebate program in trouble. 

The Florida solar rebate program was established in 2007. It provides homeowners $10,000 for photovoltaic solar installations and $500 for solar hot-water systems. Unfortunately, Florida state Legislature did not fund the program. Florida received $14.4 million in federal stimulus, but most of the funds went directly to solar rebates. This money was quickly used by applicants from the previous year.

Governor Charlie Crist requested $10 million for the program in 2010-2011. So far, Florida has provided no funds.

Currently, there are nearly 10,000 applicants waiting for $25 million in rebates. The program is set to expire at the end of June unless the Legislature reauthorizes its continuation.

Governor Crist said a special session is needed to consider banning oil drilling and investing money in renewable energy. 


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