How to be a Renewable Energy Entrepreneur

How to be a Renewable Energy Entrepreneur

Though our climate and energy crisis is primarily based on social responsibility, there are many avenues for entrepreneurs to grow our economy using the renewable energy industry.  If planned and executed properly, a renewable energy company can kill two birds with one stone – reduce our impact on the environment while being profitable.

Homeowners tend to complain about the price of renewable energy though they would admit it is one of the few options that can improve our economy and address our environmental and energy issues.

It is the responsibility of a renewable energy entrepreneur to engage consumers into a discussion about what they can do to improve their energy independence and minimize their carbon footprint while saving money long-term?

A renewable energy entrepreneur must first establish their goals.  In what sector of renewable energy do I want to pursue business?  What do I need to accomplish in order to gain business?  What would be the focus of my operation?  Who is my market or customer base?  How do I communicate my message to consumers?  How do I show my company’s value?  How will I deliver my products and/or services?  How will I ensure my profitability?

All these questions are the tip of the iceberg.  They actually help you focus on how you must perform.  

In the end, you cannot do everything on your own.  There is something called human resources.  This doesn’t mean you have to hire the best people to be successful.  It means that you must simply surround yourself with people who can tell you how to get things done.  You can already remind yourself of all the ways that you can fail.  You need minds around you that will focus on developing solutions and not problems.  

It always helps to have a mentor as well.  Someone who can always point you in the right direction.

If you think you have what it takes to be a renewable energy entrepreneur, particularly in the solar industry, this would be me reaching out to you to be your mentor.  I can personally prepare you to sell the benefit of solar to homeowners all across the country.  

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