How to Choose a quality Solar Installer in Los Angeles

How to Choose a quality Solar Installer in Los Angeles

The age of renewable energy is upon us.  Going green in one’s daily routine is easier.  However,  making a renewable energy retrofit on your home can be a chore if you do not know where to begin.

Here are some things to think about when choosing a quality solar installer in Los Angeles. 

First, you can always think about looking up a quality solar installer in the Los Angeles Yellowpages.  Those professionals tend to be dependable because they wouldn’t be listed in the Yellowpages if they were not dependable.  If you don’t use that method to find a quality solar installer, try locating a Los Angeles contractor on the internet.  There are many directories that provide lists of certified and experienced quality solar installers.

You must know what questions to ask when you select a quality solar installer.  In Los Angeles, there are many quality solar installers; this may result in a bidding war if you decide to contact several.  This may not be what you want.  Getting the lowest estimate is not the best course of action.  Contractors can easily take shortcuts to win your business with the lowest bid or they may not be experienced and are willing to go lower than quality solar installers.  You must ask pertinent qualifying questions of your installer to determine if they are experienced and trustworthy.  You will naturally gravitate toward a quality solar installer in Los Angeles if they can demonstrate these characteristics.

Ask them to show you all the proper licenses that are required of a solar installer in Los Angeles.  Not all electricians know how to install solar and not all certified photovoltaic installers know how to tie in the system to the utility grid.  Make sure they are experienced in both or have a team who can do each task competently.  In some cases, experience can be interchangeable with formal training.  You have to like your quality solar installer but make sure they have the proper credentials.

Also, ask if they have any references of past jobs.  It gives you a resume of their work.  You can find out if there were any complications with their service on prior projects.  

Ask about a service agreement.  This states what services the quality solar installer is responsible for and lays out the terms of the deal.  You should also ask your quality solar installer what incentives and rebates are available to apply for in Los Angeles.

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