Maricopa ED-3 Board Brings Back Solar Rebates

Maricopa ED-3 Board Brings Back Solar Rebates

Arizona. With an average of 211 sunny days a year and one of the largest cities in the United States (Phoenix at number 5), Arizona seems like a prime candidate for photovoltaic solar systems. To help finance solar installations, Electrical District number 3 voted to continue with the solar rebate program. 

After starting the program in 2009, it quickly ran out of money. Already, the rebate program has caused the company to spend $300,000 more than originally set aside.

Electrical District 3 continued to fund the solar rebate program until it was no longer possible. At this point, 32 customers have installed solar systems and 14 more were on the waiting list.

The surge of solar customers appears to be valley-wide. 113 APS customers applied for solar rebates in 2009. The total number of solar installations in 2009 is greater than the past eight years combined.

Electrical District 3 is now continuing the solar rebate program, except the rebate has been reduced from $3 per watt to $2.15 per watt. The program is funded by charging electricity consumers 30 cents a month and commercial users $12/month.

Electrical District 3 is researching how much consumers are willing to contribute a month to renewable energy. Until this information is collected, Electrical District 3 will hold off on tariff increases.

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