The US – Will It Take the Necessary Steps to be a Renewable Energy Leader

The current oil spill off the coast of Louisiana is causing some Americans to question the longevity and environmental impact of oil. Renewable energy companies should take advantage of the situation and persuade Congress to make renewable energy a top priority.

Renewable energy, including photovoltaic, wind, and geothermal provide 15 percent of Germany and Denmark’s energy requirements. In those counties, utility companies are required to purchase renewable energy at a set rate. The rate is set once and guaranteed for a pre-determined number of years.

This gives renewable energy viability. The current political and economic climate makes energy prices extremely unstable. With a set rate for renewable energy, companies can get financing to install renewable energy. This policy has led to an extreme increase in renewable energy infrastructure and the creation of many jobs.

America’s energy policies are still controlled by lobbying and political pull of fossil fuel giants (BP, Chevron, Arco, Shell, and more). This money has successfully distorted public opinion about the economic, environmental, and social implementation of renewable energy. By distorting renewable energy, the fossil fuel giants have been able to make record profits and receive federal subsidies.

Many countries laugh at our outdated energy policy. They are discouraged not only because Americans use 25% of the world’s energy, but because the United States holds 4.5% of the world’s population.

The United States should be adopting the energy policy of Germany and Spain. By installing renewable energy, the United States can create much-needed jobs, secure its energy for future growth, and make the world think differently.

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