Utah Solar Rebate Begins

Utah Solar Rebate Begins

In the middle of April, Utah began the “Utah State Energy Program”. The solar program provides a $2 per DC watt incentive for residential, commercial, and nonprofit photovoltaic installations.

For residential property owners, the rebate is 25 percent of the total system cost or $8,750 (whichever is less). The solar system must be between 900 Watts and 25 kW.

For commercial and nonprofit solar systems, the maximum rebate is 25 percent of the system’s cost or $50,000 (whichever is less). The solar system must be between 5 kW and 100 kW.

In addition, cash rebates provided by utility companies will be subtracted from the maximum rebate total.

The photovoltaic solar system must be grid-tied and installed by a professional contractor with a Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing license.

The solar system must be installed at primary residences (residential) or commercial properties with an active business present.

In addition to the solar rebate, Utah offers a personal tax credit of $2,000 and the federal government offers a 30 percent tax credit on new solar panel installations. These rebates can reduce the cost of a solar system by over 50%.

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