Why the Green Revolution and America Need Each Other

Why the Green Revolution and America Need Each Other

Other than Green Revolution, it has also been referred to as a “Green Economy” or the “Green Industry”.  What I speak of is the movement to rethink our energy consumption, resource conservation, and environmental impact while still growing our economy and creating jobs at home. 

We have a lot to clean up as a nation.  Not only does our environment need cleaning up but so does America’s reputation across the globe.  Being at the forefront of this Green Revolution will help us to achieve both of those. 

The Green Revolution needs America just as much as we need to participate in this movement.  Actually, we need to do more than participate.  We need to use the Green Revolution as an opportunity to reestablish the confidence that other countries once had in us. 

Post 9/11, America has suffered huge public relations losses with the rest of the world.  In an age of fear, America has engaged in two wars and has been blamed by other nations for our globalized collapse.  The state of our world has not been a result of recent decisions and actions.  This has occurred over time and America naturally must be part of the solution for any success to be reached.  

Just as America is seen as part of the problem, they must also be seen also as be part of the solution. America needs to begin taking advantage of renewable energy, participating in wide-spread recycling, and energy conservation. As energy will continue to cost more and less secure, we need to begin investing in secure energy resources.

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