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Rich Hessler Solar Sales Training now has a blog. It contains course updates, policy changes, and current solar events.
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  Rich Hessler Solar has partnered with MiraCosta College Alternative Energy Solar PV Installation training to provide basic Photovoltaic Installation training...
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  30% tax credit now available for eligible residential solar systems. Effective through 2020,
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  - Americans Want Solar
  - Cash for Caulkers
- Recovery through Retrofit
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Results for Solar Business Owners and Sales Professionals
Annual sales from $100k - $25mm

  • Solar Business Coaching
  • Solar Marketing
  • NLP Solar Sales Training Webinar

Solar Marketing Program to Grow Revenue

Solar Business Coaching & Solar Marketing sample customer results:

Comparing Prior YTD versus Current YTD

  • Total Sales up 66%
  • Gross Profit up 70%
  • Net Income up 85%
  • Marketing Budget 5%

"I used to say I can't afford it. Now, Sales are up by 86% from last year thank you very much!"
- Eric Helgeson, Owner/Operator, NexGen Construction.

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Solar Sales Training
Solar Business Coaching
Solar Marketing

Solar Business Coaching, Solar Marketing and Solar Sales Training will help you grow your solar business faster. We provide personal service to help you prioritize and build your brand including selling solar results, referrals from happy customers and new lead generation campaigns.

To increase sales results, the residential solar sales training webinar is designed for solar novices and experienced solar professionals, including:

    • Neuro-linguistic programming techniques you can use
    • How to conduct a 30 minute solar selling event
    • Understanding photovoltaic systems from a buyer's perspective
    • How to do a solar estimate on-site & negotiate using Excel
    • Solar system benefit calculations & presentation
    • Quality solar overview PowerPoint presentation
    • Handling common solar objections
    • Effectively closing a solar sale


If you are looking for solar work and solar jobs, we help graduates get job introductions, solar financing, solar lead generation and solar panels to make living more sustainable.

After graduating from the course, you will know how to sell solar and be prepared to do a quality in-home photovoltaic solar sales presentation.

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Rich Hessler Solar Services

solar sales training Solar Sales Training

Solar 101: A complete residential solar sales course on a proven sales process. The course includes a technical overview, how to do solar system estimates, cost justification and a residential photovoltaic sales presentation.
solar website design Solar Websites
We provide website design using our
Solar Website Templates
to maximize your exposure to potential clients and increase conversions with a quality solar website.
Solar Social Media

Social Media Marketing

We utilize social media and search engine optimization (SEO) to increase brand awareness, trust and obtain leads.
solar financing Solar Financing

Various residential & non-residential solar financing programs are available from $10,000 to $10,000,000. Minimum FICO 670.
solar lead generation Solar Lead Generation

We actively generate solar leads of property owners that want to purchase photovoltaic systems. Rich Hessler Solar connects homeowners and businessowners with quality contractors.
sponsor solar webinar Become a Sponsor

Sponsor the Free Solar Webinar, a live interactive webinar to educate property owners on the value of photovoltaics.
solar marketing management Solar Marketing

We provide hands-on Solar Marketing management for multi-channel campaigns that drive website traffic and property owner inquiries.
solar business coaching Solar Business Coaching

Save time growing your Solar Business Startup or adding Solar Business Opportunites to your existing business.
solar installation Installation Training

A technical installation training course designed for skilled labor with no experience in electricity or the electrical field.
solar installation Solar Wholesale

Rich Hessler Solar provides contractors equipment they need. We make certain that solar contractors install quality photovoltaic panels and solar-thermal hot water systems at a great price.


Solar Careers

Online Solar Training
We offer solar coaching, sales courses and marketing that produce results for:
  • Sales professionals repackaging their skills for solar
  • Independent contractors that eat what they kill
  • Solar companies standardizing & enhancing their marketing & sales process

Listen to Testimonials

This live, eco-friendly webinar presents all of the information and tools necessary to close a residential solar system. It provides the technical information necessary to do a PV solar system estimate and explains the benefits to the property owner.

The course materials provide the ‘solar sales play book’ within the context of the NLP Sales Process;needs analysis, presentation, closing and how to handle common objections. Link provided to GotoMeeting. Homework and course materials will be emailed after enrollment. Graduates will receive a customizable solar calculator in Excel and PowerPoint presentation.