How To Sell Solar Panels - Selling Solar to Homeowners

How To Sell Solar Panels - Selling Solar to Homeowners


Selling solar webinar demystifies how to sell solar panels and empowers individuals with the gentle art of persuasion to help property owners act now to receive the benefits of clean, economical solar power.

Learn how to sell solar panels to your neighbors using solar selling language & tools they can understand.

Solar 101 is ideal for getting into selling solar and for technical aficionados looking to gain a buyers perspective on how to sell solar panels to them.

This concise How To Sell Solar Panels selling solar course includes the information and tools necessary to conduct a 40 minute solar selling event to ask for the order using the standard sales process and nuero-linguistic programming techniques.

Solar 101 - No previous training necessary.  Technical deprogramming provided.  No ladder required.

Knowing how to sell solar panels is the prerequisite to a sales career in solar, growing a solar business and creating jobs for panel hangers.  Without closed sales, organizations collapse.

To attend the webinar and use the tools provided, participants will need a quiet place with minimal distractions, computer connected to the internet, the ability to place a long-distance call and stay connected for two 4-hour sessions, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Reader.  

Learning how to sell solar panels and actually selling solar is all about speaking the buyers language while sitting down at the dining room table.  The solar selling techniques are presented within the context of the residential solar selling process and may be applied to selling solar to business owners as well.  

Webinar includes the foundational information & tools needed to comprehend, estimate and present the benefits of solar energy to prospective buyers with integrity in order to persuade them to make a good decision and go solar now.  

Following the course, participants should review the solar selling materials for comprehension and role-play the process to sell solar to a friend.  Learn how to sell solar panels this week and start selling solar energy next week to your family, friends, neighbors and contractor pre-qualified leads.

Course Objectives

    1. 18 questions you must ask before presenting solar
    2. The technical information necessary to do a solar estimate
    3. Quickly create solar estimates
    4. Confidently explain the math behind the financial benefits
    5. Give a killer solar sales presentation
    6. Uncover the top 5 reasons homeowners buy solar
    7. Samurai objection handling techniques
    8. 21 solar technical terms to learn
    9. Solar sales kit check list
    10. Calculations provided in Excel
    11. Customizable PowerPoint presentation

Duration: Wed & Thurs, 8:00AM - 12:00PM PST
Optional: One-on-One Coaching
Certificate: NLP PV Solar Sales Skills

Full Money-Back Guarantee

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Course Outline

The course materials provide the ‘solar sales play book’ within the context of the NLP Sales Process; homeowner needs analysis, presentation and how to handle common objections. Link provided to GotoMeeting. Homework and course materials will be emailed after enrollment. Graduates will receive a customizable solar calculator in Excel and customizable solar PowerPoint presentation.

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