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Stop guessing about contacts you should call, when to call and a reason for your call!



You send a direct mail postcard with a unique link back to your website. Or, you could send an email containing at least one link back to your website.

That's it.

Monitor contact visits to your special offer, email opens, click-thrus and website activity real-time from anywhere.

Who ya gonna call now?

1. How do I do the email template designs?

It's up to you or we can design one for you for an additional charge.

At a minimum, your email signature should contain a link to your website that looks like:


Whereby, the actual link code for your website is something like:


<a href=""> VISIT OUR WEBSITE:</a>

Below is an example of how we've integrated the links into our branding. Each link has a unique inbound_email_link we use for scoring the response. Browsing articles or researching products.

proposal tracking proposal hosting email tracking



2. What will I see about my contacts?

You will see how you can best serve your contacts real-time as they interact with your email, website, proposal and special monthly offers.

Here is an example of what you will see as it occurs. Notice the Link Clicked?

email activity report proposal tracking

3. What do I do with the information?

email activity report proposal tracking

  • Our contacts, Brandon Best, Dan Reichman & Alex Perfecto, clicked one of our links within an email to return to our website on 3/17/10.
  • The contacts are assigned to salesperson Rich Hessler.
  • Brandon is researching Lead Generation and he was 'Contacted Today' by Rich Hessler on 3/17/2010.
  • Dan still needs a follow up call regarding Commercial Leasing.
  • Alex is accessing a Website proposal for the 100th time, Rich Hessler should check his notes to reassess next steps.
  • Information is displayed real-time.
  • The email was sent 3/11/10
  • The email opened was an eNewsletter to Graduates & Customers March, 11 2010.
  • Optional: Click Contact name to open in web-based contact management system.
  • Simple, elegant and useful for you and your contacts.

5. How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the number of contact records we will be monitoring in the database.

Additional design charges apply for assistance with the development of marketing materials with integrated tracking codes.

    • Contact counts are the unique contacts maintained in the Proposal Tracking System database
    • Need help adding code to your website page? $75 plus $1/page
    • Need help creating email templates? $499 for branded template setup
    • Need a website? Rich Hessler Website Design

6. How is the system implemented?

There are currently three implementation levels for full functionality.

We will send you login information to your account.

Level 1: Copy the code to each page of your existing website as instructed.

You will now see website activity real-time in

Level 2: Add tracking links to your outbound direct mail postcards and email templates in the format provided.

The Proposal Tracking System will show you whenever a contact clicks-thru to your website using a Proposal Tracking link. See FAQ How do I do the email template designs? for examples.

Level 3: Upload contact information to to track detail contact information.

7. How do I broadcast more emails?

It depends

1. For daily email follow up, use your email system or contact management software templates. Also, personal email accounts may send up to 250 emails a day, drip drip. You should be gathering emails from everyone you meet. You will save $.50 on US Postal Service postage and printing. Estimate 30% of repeat emails get open. With a list of 50 names you can market monthly at the same cost as direct mail given open rates. Have a list of 1,000, think of it as $0.03 per peice.

2. For email lists you assembled from your own prospect and customer relationships, you can send mass emails with, be sure the Proposal Tracking System link is included in your communication HTML code.

3. For email lists you purchase and own legitamately, you can use to send email blasts. Just include the Proposal Tracking System links within your HTML email.

4. For email lists you rent, this solution will not work well for you because you do not have direct access to the contact information on the list.


8. How do I make my outgoing emails CAN-SPAM compliant?

All of your email templates need to be CAN-SPAM compliant. Minimum requirements:

  • Emails must include an Unsubscribe/Opt-Out link that you honor
  • An accurate and proper subject line
  • Your valid postal address
  • Your valid phone number
  • Appropriate content

9. What is Spam?

Examples of Spam

  • Any e-mail message that is sent to a recipient who had previously signed up to receive newsletters, product information or any other type of bulk email but later opted-out by indicating to the sender that they did not want to receive additional email, then that email is spam.
  • Any e-mail message that is sent to a recipient without a way for a person to opt-out or request that future mailings not be sent to them, is spam.
  • Any email message that is sent to non-specific addresses such as: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or other general addresses.
  • Any email message that does not have a valid email address in the From Line is spam.
  • Any email message that contains any false or misleading information in the header, subject line or message itself is spam.
  • Any email that says you can earn $1000’s each week from home is spam.
  • Any anonymous emails or emails that do not contain the required elements. Since spammers often use anonymous email accounts to do their work, you can’t create a trial account using some anonymous,, etc. email account.

We are not an email service provider and take no responsibility for deliverability.


10. What is your data privacy policy?

We do not share your information unless required by law. We do not market to your contacts. You may export your contact information at any time, you own it exclusively. At your request, we may use the information gathered to conduct marketing on your behalf. Service is provided 'as is' with no warranties. User agrees to indeminify and hold service provider harmless from any claims arising from user activities.




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