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Solar for 3D Sketchup

New Dimensions for Consultative Solar Presentations


Enjoyable, fast and easy. Now you can do your own 3D project models to close more sales without a degree in AutoCAD.

Others have increased their residential & commercial close rates by more than 8%. What would you do with an 8% raise this year?

Quality branding = Wow! You did your research to present the project & earned trust as a knowledgible provider. Addresses buyer concerns of project disaster, cost over-runs and low quality installation due to a lack of understanding. Deal!



Course includes:

  • Preparation instructions & downloads (1 hour)
  • Live Webinar and/or recorded group training webinar (2 hours)
  • One-on-one Project Consulting to create and use a drawing for your next project presentation. (2 hours)

Learn everything you need to know to enjoy creating realistic structures with solar panels, shading and satillite imagry fast and easy.

3D Sketchup Course Learning Objectives

  • When & how to use 3D Sketchup to increase your close rates
  • Basic 3D Sketchup navigation
  • Navigation tips & tricks
  • Drawing a commercial solar installation
  • Drawing a residential solar installtion
  • Shadow forecasting year-round
  • Satillite image overlay


  • Available for MAC OS X 10.4+, Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Links to download required applications and plug-ins
  • Includes Solar Sample Drawings
    • Solar panels and mounting racks
    • Residential L-shaped home
    • Residential ranch style w/ detached garage and many trees
    • Residential luxury two story loft and trees
    • Residential ground mount
    • Commercial ground mount
    • Gas station canopy mount
    • Gas station building and canopy mount
    • Athletic club two story
    • Large square commercial office building
    • Large long commercial office building
    • Circular commercial structure with courtyard cut out
    • Apartment building two stories
    • School donated system with educational design


  • Syllabus provided.
  • Best viewed on 2 monitors or two side-by-side windows so you can 'watch and do' simultaneously.
  • Register for Live Group Training Webinar: Next available Thursday, June 24, 2010, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST.
  • Link to Recorded Group Training Webinar.
  • Webinar hosted at
  • Live Group Training limited to 5 attendees per class.
  • Instructor may request access to view your screen if assistance is needed to complete the exercise.


  • One-on-one private 3D Sketchup project coaching.
  • Provided PC-to-PC via GotoMeeting to display your screen as you work.
  • Ongoing Project Consulting available.


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