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Solar Installer Training

Roof-Ready PV Solar Installer Training


solar installer training


In partnership with Ameri-Skills, Rich Hessler Solar Business Development offers a Roof-Ready PV Solar Installer Certificate.

The Roof-Ready PV Solar Installer Certificate means participants have the full experience of how to install a PV Solar System and are ready for next week’s installs. 

The training team is lead by Tom Cawley, Certified Photovoltaic Installer, and State of California Post Secondary Adult Education Vocational College Instructor providing PV Solar Installer Training since 2007. Tom is also Chairman of the Electronics Technicians Association and developed the International ETA Alternative Energy Certification Program.

Rich Hessler highlights, “the majority of the five (5) day PV solar installer training is hands-on to enable participants to be immediately productive on the job site. Many solar business owners & contractors are frustrated by those seeking solar installer jobs that are entry-level book smart and stand around the job site without basic skills like bending conduit, finding a roof rafter, cutting tile and flashing properly.  The ‘gold standard’ these days is measured by customer satisfaction, worker productivity and earning a living.”

Solar installer training is offered to anyone who is interested in a career in Solar energy.

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solar installation training

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Ameri-Skills is a team of highly skilled training professionals in several technical “Hands On” training fields, offering internationally recognized Certifications. They believe it is time to bring our jobs back to AMERICA. AmeriSkills currently teaches Photovoltaic and Electronics classes for active Marines at the Twenty-nine Palms Marine Base, in addition to custom classes for major Contractor all over the United States. AmeriSkills is in total support of veterans, active duty and reserve troops; and in complete awareness and understanding of the everyday concerns and problems faced by today’s solar workers and business owner needs for properly trained “Hands On” solar installers.  Ameri-Skills pledges to be an example of sharing and giving back to today’s American workers and Veterans.

Rich Hessler Solar Business Development offers marketing results for business owners & ready-to-work training programs; including NLP PV Solar Sales Training to be prepared for next week’s sales calls & Roof-Ready PV Solar Installer Training to be prepared for the following week’s installs. 





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