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See our current Solar Website Special.

See our current Solar Marketing Special.

You may be aware you can buy cheap solar leads on the internet that are sold to a slew of solar contractors. However, you will close more sales doing solar marketing for solar lead generation. Your brand can get exclusive, non-competitive leads. The Solar Calculator is a website visitor conversion tool. Free Solar Webinar is an Educational Offer give-away you can plug into your existing marketing campaigns and the best part is the webinar is ready for use or provide your own when you're ready.

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Increase your own marketing response rates

  1. Offer free solar education on your solar websites
  2. Leave behind Free Solar Webinar Tickets when you ask for referrals
  3. Heck, stand outside Whole Foods and give tickets away
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Solar Free Estimates and Solar System Discounts are great special offers for property owners ready to buy. However, you may be aware many more property owners want more education about the benefits of solar.

Marketing offers must include special offers to buy now AND learn more? View Samples:

  • Solar Calculator for your website
  • Tickets with your unique Savings Code to give-away <view sample>
  • No website? Company landing page and domain <view sample>
  • Special offer email & thank you page <view sample>
  • Registration form for every page on your website <view sample>
  • Free Solar Webinar logo for your marketing materials<view sample>
  • Reporting name, email opens, and click-thrus for more information
  • Branded auto-response emails when your guests register
  • Notification to you when you have a new registration
  • Canvassing script
  • Tradeshow script & sign-in sheet

Would you prefer to have exclusive solar leads from your solar lead generation efforts?

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