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Solar Marketing, Solar Marketing Campaigns



Solar marketing campaigns for local target markets designed to empower salespeople to close more business.

See our current Solar Website Special.

Grow your sales funnel with consistent marketing campaigns and systems.

Solar Marketing Systems

  • Includes Standard Wordpress website template
  • Customized for your branding colors and header logo
  • Online Lead Capture Tools including:
    • Solar Quote
    • Free Solar Webinar
    • Referrals Form
    • Contact Us Form
  • 10 pages of editable website copy
  • Migrating 30 pages from existing websites
  • Gallery landing page
  • Enphase live monitoring landing page template
  • PURL mailing list landing page template
  • Smartphone QR landing page template
  • Hosting & system maintenance
  • Wordpress blog
  • Google Analytics
  • Search engine submission
  • Facebook Like icon
  • Google +1 icon

Also includes:

  • Smartphone QR contact record code
  • Free Solar Webinar tradeshow ticket graphics template .ai
  • A list of relevant inbound links & blogs to setup
  • Marketing Budget, Monthly Calendar & Metric Tracking template gdoc
  • Marketing Basic CRM
  • Mass Email Tracking System html
  • Direct Mail Tracking System
  • SEO Landing Page & Blog Post template gdoc
  • Blog Blaster
  • Blog Post Scheduler
  • Enrollment in

Online Campaign & System Training including:

  • Website training to edit pages, create new pages and manage menu items
  • Monthly Marketing Budget & Metric Tracking template
  • Marketing Basic CRM
  • Blog Blaster
  • eNewsletter Setup & Tracking System
  • PURL Direct Mail Setup & Tracking


  1. Logo
  2. Business Card
  3. Brochure/Flyer
  4. Print Ad
  5. Yard sign

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