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How to Create a Solar Estimate in Quickbooks |

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The Solar QuickBooks plug-in and add-ons are easy to use and support quality customer service with no monthly-fee!

    • Support for on-grid & off-grid Solar, wind, solar thermal and hydro-generation
    • Includes estimate templates, reports, chart of accounts
    • Item lists have panels, inverters, wire, mounting systems, labor, payroll and shipping
    • Step-by-step procedures for starting a solar business
    • On-grid solar system engineering design templates with automatic error checking
    • The Solar Wiring Diagrams alone will save you $20/hr or $350/deal for engineering
    • Building permit checklist
    • Detailed field materials list
    • Solar contract templates for work orders, service orders, sub-contractors and customers.
    • Requires Quickbooks Premier 2008 or better. Windows XP, Vista or 7.
    • Pro users must upgrade to Premier.

Solar QuickBooks plug-in and add-ons will help your office organize easily and process jobs faster.

    • Does not replace the need for Quickbooks bookkeeping experience.
    • Ask about our monthly Quickbooks account reconciliation and error correction bookkeeping services.
    • Solar QuickBooks Plug-in will help you with cash flow, producing estimates, fast product purchasing, and basic accounting.
    • The System Design Sheet will help you design any size system you need by selecting panels and inverter from different makes and models.  It will also show what works, what doesn’t and why.
    • Includes legal templates for business and customer contracts so you don’t get into a bind.


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