Techniques to Selling Solar

Techniques to Selling Solar


According to experts, sales agents can make serious bank selling solar to entities such as residential properties, schools, government agencies, hotels and resorts, data centers, manufacturers, large businesses and cities. Depending on project costs, and depending on contracts, solar sales commissions can range from a couple hundred dollars to the high six-figures off of huge commissions per sale. The amounts vary among contractors; it’s a safe bet to count on earning 3-5 percent of a deal’s overall capital expenditure.

But there are reasons in addition the financial benefits to sell solar power. Customers such as manufacturers or hotels, for instance, can create positive PR for themselves by switching to solar, because they’ll produce less pollution and lower their greenhouse gas emissions. And, in the long run, they stand to keep more money in their pockets for other uses because they’ll have hedged against volatile energy spikes by cutting dependence on a traditional power source.


Despite the benefits of solar energy, convincing a potential client to pay thousands – or even millions – of dollars to make the transition can be a long conversation. This is when it’s helpful to know the details of federal and state government incentives, or whether the utility provider offers financing. And fortunately, with most utilities’ channel programs, partners don’t have to be technical experts. In fact, agents probably will find the experience mirrors that of working with a telecom hardware vendor — the partner brings the lead and the supplier does most of the heavy lifting. You just want to sell the turnkey service.

Still, as with any sale, the more a sales agent knows about the product, the better. If you can speak knowledgeably about topics including roof condition, local ordinances, solar equipment trends and financing options, you’re more likely to sign the client. Finally, do your homework before pursuing customers. Some of the hot states to pursue consumers in include Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont.


  • The qualification process. Sales agents have to gather more data from potential clients, taking into account criteria including roof space, wind loads, direct sunlight and leasing agreements.
  • Equipment installation. Solar energy requires panels, inverters, meters and other gear.
  • Net metering. Entities running on solar power can return unused electricity to the grid, causing their meters to spin backwards. In most places, this results in an electricity bill credit.
  • Government incentives. Solar-energy customers can take advantage of a federal grant extension that covers 30 percent of an installation, up front. Be aware, most incentives are set up to decrease over time, so agents who approach their customers now do a great service sharing that information. Meanwhile, many deregulated states – of which there are nearly two dozen – extend rebates when businesses and other facilities go solar.

Don't be fooled: selling solar to customers is not a simple task for those new to the solar industry or even contractors who have been in the business a long time. Knowledgeable sales agents who have had the proper training are more likely to close more deals at a faster rate.

Discover how you can benefit from a course in solar panel training. Learn the technical information necessary to do a PV solar system estimate and explain the benefits to a homeowner.

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